Private 1-on-1

All our coaching solutions can be offered in a private session dedicated to give you the desired results you seek to achieve. We value every client and provide custom packages based on your individual and unique personality instead of a one size fits all model. We are very selective in our clients and are very private about the clients we have worked with.

We provide every client with a confidentiality agreement form to protect our client’s privacy and information shared in the cause of the coaching session.

Group Coaching

Our Work place coaching also provides group coaching for 10-30 employees per session to help them create a more meaningful and fulfilling life and career. This type of coaching helps employees improve performance in every aspect of life while enjoying work life balance.


We offer workshops on several Life Coaching areas, from personal development coaching to professional development coaching.
Some organizations have booked our “Rewire, Don’t Retire” workshop for their pensioners/retirees to invest in their life beyond the workplace.

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