Make Space for Something New


Well, hello September!!!

How time flies,half of the year is gone already! Let’s go back to the beginning of this year,you had plans,big ones or maybe not that big,but you sure had a plan for this year. Did you achieve any of them yet? Are you stuck in a rut,confused and probably weighed down by the wealth transfer(that’s my term for economic downturn or’s all about what you see) going on in the country?

Hey, it’s okay to get stuck when you set goals,but quit or abandon those goals are really not going to help you either.You see,when you set goals, there’s bound to be obstacles along your path to fulfilling them(ouch! i know it sucks)but that’s life! I bet if everyone just had what they wanted with a snap of the finger,life wouldn’t be fun.

What are you doing about the goals you want to achieve ?

that business you wanted to start

the diet program you signed up for to stay fit and fabulous

the financial plan to save more or invest

the relationship you swore to make better

the lifestyle you promised to improve 

Here it is..when you don’t create the space (mentally,physically and emotionally) for things to happen,they just hang.Failing to complete robs you of valuable attention units.

When you commit to making a change or start a project,it goes into your memory bank and its stored in a space.You can only pay attention to many things at once and each effort to tackle your to-do list leaves no time to completing your goals and bring new opportunities and abundance into your life.

Why not ask yourself, what will it take to get this done? List all the possible ways you can achieve your goals,make sure you write it down! Trust me, a lot of times you think..oh i’ve got it but with all the distractions and noise in our world,you lose it in no time. Write it down! This way you are creating a new space for conscious and intentional completing of tasks which make up your goals.

Make space for what you want to achieve (Declutter your mind,your environment)

Empty your household…do you really need all those piles of clothes,kids toys,unworn clothings in the last six months,broken down equipment you haven’t fixed in years,all the negative self talk going on in your mind,the numerous ideas you have about something but never got around to making them useful. When your mind is cluttered with activities,there’s bound to be chaos around you.

Your work space(desk,laptops,phone,files) it’s time to trash oldies and and let in something new.Put away old clients’ file,unpaid invoices,unread books,magazines and all you may be holding onto.

Relationship: you want new love but keep holding onto memories of your ex or wishing things could be better. It’s time to clean up the mess.It’s over,because if you don’t, when a new man meets you, he picks up your unspoken message” she’s still stuck with someone,she hasn’t let go” then he leaves.

You want a new career, start acting like you have a new job even with the present job you have.

When we don’t throw away clutter and items we don’t need anymore, it’s as if we don’t trust our ability to manifest the necessary abundance in our lives.

It’s time to get back up and get going. I’ve got your back and am counting on you to make it happen.Why? because you’re worth it.

Love & brilliance!