Coaching Girls 4 Success

Raising a daughter can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?:

  • You want to help your daughter transition smoothly to a new school or grade level so she can beBlack-mother-teen-daughter well-adjusted and achieve academic success .
  • You are frustrated about your daughter’s poor decisions and concerned about her future.
  • You are overwhelmed and struggling to help your daughter navigate her challenges and disappointments.  Sometimes it feels like her life packs in more drama than an episode of Scandal! (and you have a nagging feeling that she’s not telling you everything)
  • You want your daughter to have the confidence to be herself and step out of her comfort zone, but she’s having a hard time fitting in at school and perhaps she is being excluded. You’re worried that her self-esteem will plummet and she will end up developing behavioral problems or more serious issues such as depression.
  • You want your daughter to get into a  university, but she is nonchalant, doesn’t take school seriously, and is underachieving in one or more classes (even though she has plenty of time to text her friends and post “selfies” all day).
  • Your daughter is stressed out about school, boys, dating, getting into college, her future or ____________(<—insert “OMG” moment of the week) and now you’re stressed!
  • Your daughter is glued to her cell phone and you are overwhelmed trying to keep up with what she is doing online (or pulling your hair out after finding out what she is sharing with her friends or strangers on social media)
  • You are tired of your daughter’s “eye rolling” and want to learn how to better understand and connect with her. You’re not sure about how to get her to open up and come to you instead of venting on social media or turning to her friends, boyfriend, or google when she is upset or struggling with a serious problem…

If you’re jumping out of your seat shouting “you just nailed it, – then take a deep breath. 

You’re in the right place.

I know it can be challenging, frustrating, and even scary to raise a daughter in today’s high-tech, media-saturated, and hypersexual world.  Young women and girls are told that they should be “good girls” and also taught that their worth and value comes solely from their appearance and bodies.

In order to emerge from their teen years as strong, happy, and confident young women, girls must learn to successfully navigate peer pressure and negative messages about girls and women.

Here’s the reality:

Yes, friendship struggles, relational aggression and bullying are on the rise during the tween and teen years when girls’ friendships become increasingly important and they are bombarded with a barrage of contradictory messages, social pressures, and harmful portrayals of women, girls and relationships in the mass media.

As your daughter navigates these formative years, she may be struggling to fit in, feeling left out, or pressured to conform to unhealthy stereotypes about girls and female friendships. Research has demonstrated that girls who are victimized by bullying and social cruelty during the early years are at risk for social isolation, loss of self-esteem and depression.  Social cruelty between girls can also cause painful and long-lasting effects into the teen years and even adulthood.

Young women and girls need support in dealing with social pressures and friendship struggles that affect their health and ability to learn and excel in school.

Here’s the good news:

Your daughter’s tween and teen years don’t have to be difficult if you have an expert and trusted advisor in your toolkit to guide you and your daughter along the way!

I am here to help!

As parents, when our kids are younger, we have to manage their life for them, as they get older we have to teach them how to manage their life themselves if we want them to be confident, successful adults. 

One-on-One Coaching

Being able to connect with girls and give them a voice is a priceless gift. We inspire girls to embrace their true self and achieve personal success. Moms, stop worrying about your daughter, get a COACH!

Saturday Enrichment Programme

 Would you like your daughter to be a part of a community where she can grow and develop her sense of self worth? Discovering her unique abilities, building leadership skills and motivating others to achieve?

We offer practical Life skills grooming for girls in:

baking, cooking, hat making, bead making, simple arts /crafts, cleaning, money and budgeting (household/personal budgeting- market trips,pricing and negotiating), personal/character development, personal care,sexual health, dating, peer pressure, body image and self esteem building, bullying, emotional intelligence and more!

 Weekly Group Coaching

On request I devise and facilitate tailor made sessions for girls. These are usually initiated by a group of parents who want their children to learn key skills. Parents will often get together a group of their child’s friends ask me into their home to facilitate the sessions.

This afford the girls continuity and safety–a comfortable environment where they can meet, get to know each other and discuss issues that are coming up for them. Together they learn how to start making better choices in their lives. These customized support circles are designed for coaching clients who have a group of peers who would like to experience the coaching process together.

My Mom & I (fostering thriving relationship between mothers /daughters)

Do you find yourself constantly in a tug of war with your daughter?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try to reach out to her, you just don’t get through?

Would you like to build a healthy, thriving and loving relationship with your daughter(s)?Mother-Teen-Daughter-African-American-

When girls say they want “space,” they don’t mean distance. What they want is for us to make space for them in our hearts and in our lives to develop in their own ways. When they go in a new direction, especially one new to us – our daughters want us right there, supporting and cheering them. Girls want to confide in their mothers, and with their mother’s interest and support, it’s easier for them to make it through minefield of adolescence.

To be able to raise daughters who can flourish, mothers need ongoing support and tangible resources. Our workshop is not about doing more as mothers – it’s about mothers getting what we need to do one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Our daughters are watching us to learn what it means to be a woman. Impossible expectations of being a ‘perfect mother’ are damaging to girls and mothers alike. Girls’ self-image is enhanced when they see their mothers thriving.

As mothers, we share common hopes and dreams for our daughters and ourselves, and we have hopes and dreams that are unique. Our different cultures, family traditions and experiences inform our different priorities as parents. We don’t need to accept one-size-fits-all mothering – we each get to decide our own parenting values. We can support one another in clarifying our values and preferences and in creating our own vision of what it means for our daughters, for us, and for our relationships to thrive.

It’s gotta be fun – or we won’t come.

Fun for girls and for moms. We promote a mother-daughter movement full of laughter, joy and play. We want us all to do more of what we love – and what we love changes as we change, no matter what our age.

Parents, we spend a tremendous amount of money on our kids, cell phones, computer games, sports activities and our own lifestyles, isn’t our children’s future worth more? 

To Get your teens on track and give them the best tools they can have to manage their life successfully and give you the skills needed to help them. Start your mentoring today.

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We’d love to be a part of your life.