Lead-Her-Ship Academy



Do you believe that every girl has a dream? Well, it is true. No matter her age,the town she lives in or who she is, the challenges that she faces,the spark of a leader within a dream shines within every girl. She may not know it yet; but its there.

Every girl with a dream must take the lead if she is to have her dreams realized. She must discover it within.

Welcome to Girls Connect Africa Lead-Her-Ship Academy. A fun-learning,pro-active Leadership foundation for growing girls.

This is where girls:

EXPLORE their hope and dreams

FIND their voice and learn how to use it

CONNECT with other like-minded girls in a supportive, judgement free zone

BUILD self confidence and develop a positive self image

PARTICIPATE in a program that enables them to address issues and concerns important to them

LEARN skills to help reach their personal goals and realize their dreams

DEVELOP strong relationships with other girls.

Our Lead-Her-Ship Academy  focuses on the following principles:

Build self-confidence and personal development

Live life with purpose and passion

Unleash the power within and be a force for good

Explore and discuss contemporary social justice issues, challenges and solutions

Use leadership skills to make a difference for a cause Girls Connect Africa

Learn and apply the skills necessary to become a principled and socially conscious leader in the style of Eleanor Roosevelt

Learn what it means to be a citizen of the world; gain an appreciation of the diversity of perceptions and perspectives that inform cultures around the world


Engages participants as they learn and work collaboratively to: develop and present a business plan; gain exposure to the process for developing product and service concepts; learn financial and marketing basics, and strengthen their problem-solving and innovation skills.


Provides girls opportunity to experience the real-world work experience to help explore future career.Girls participating in this program will have the opportunity to serve as interns in partnering companies and will enable them to make more informed career choices in the future.

Prepare your Daughter for a Lifetime of Success

Our Commitment:

Inspiring, coaching and mentoring your daughter to be her personal best!

Workshops are fun, interactive and filled with powerful learning experiences. A professional staff member coaches your daughter as she engages in challenging team building initiatives, small group activities and skits that inspire her to think critically and strengthen her leadership skills.

Your daughter will learn how body language, tone of voice and basic conversational skills affect her ability to build relationships and create teams who feel valued, respected and recognized for their contributions.

This program is open to girls ages 14-18.joinUs_1

 For 8 weeks during  summer break, girls will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and have fun while developing leadership skills.

Sample of Specific Curriculum Topics:

10 Responses that Build & Strengthen Relationships & Friendships
Body Language: 5 Keys to Being Confident & Approachable
Leading & Working Effectively in Groups
Identifying Personal Strengths & Setting Goals
Managing Gossip, Cliques and Popularity
Managing finance
Appreciating Individual Strengths & Respecting Differences
Social media literacy
Taking the Power Out of Commercials & Advertisements
Study Skills, Organizational & Time Management Skills

For information on registration requirements or further information:

please email: girlsconnectafrica@gmail.com

 Call : 08098011526